The Marginalia Review of Books (MRB) is an international review of academic literature focusing on history, theology, and religion, publishes reviews, essays, interviews and opinion pieces.  MRB seeks to translate the knowledge created in these disciplines for a broad readership, scholars, educated layperson, and policy makers.  Reviews in MRB  are expected to be reflective and interpretive, capable of placing the content of the book in a wider context.

Each year the academy produces thousands of monographs, many of whose findings are of great consequence.  This literature often is inaccessible, not only to readers beyond the academy but also to other scholars.  Marginalia seeks to make that work accessible and meaningful to the larger concerns facing both scholars and citizens.  It promises to make a major contribution to ‘knowledge transfer’ in the humanities, a task that is increasingly recognized as critical to the academy’s future.”

Edward Queen of the Emory University Center for Ethics recently has been appointed subject editor for ethics and is seeking the following from members and followers of the Society of Jewish Ethics:

  • Recommendations of recently published (or forthcoming) books on ethics, broadly understood, for review;
  • Individuals interested in bringing their knowledge to a wider audience and who wish to identify themselves as possible reviewers for the journal.

Interested parties or those needing  more information should contact:

Edward L. Queen, Ph.D., J.D.
The Center for Ethics
Emory University
office 404.727.1240
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